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Anonymous asked: Can you recomend any other good and active yaoi blogs? Or maybe even yuri? C:


sure, here;

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i don’t know any yuri blogs, sorry :/


having to translate words from english because you forgot them in your own native language


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this week on anime: everything hurts and everything is ending


Chapter 128: Street Wish

 Those days spent so naturally will crumble in a second.

It’s always in an instant, when the end comes.

I don’t have any memories of ever being broken.

and besides…I know that glare

Anonymous asked: yo, anon back here. where the fuck did pierrot come from?!!


Hey nonnie!

HNG that’s one point in the manga that I’ve been confused about as well. I feel like Ishida sensei didn’t give us a lot of information on the clown crew but here’s what  I can deduce.

So we know there are ghouls like the anteiku where they just want to live harmoniously and then there’s groups like the aogiri tree that are violently fighting against the CCG and humans in general. The pierrot is different. You can argue that they are neither good or bad, more like a chaotic neutral so to say but in the situation with anteiku vs the CCG they play a villanous role. But you can also argue that they are the most villanous characters in the entire series.

Before Kaneki blacks out in the scene when he loses to Arima he remembers seeing a member of the pierrot at the scene where rize died.


This hints that the pierrot was the one responsible for rize’s death and perhaps they were also ones that hooked up doctor kanou with rize’s body so that he could experiment for the aogiri tree. We also know that Nico is a part of the Pierrot and at the time had been undercover at the aogiri tree. When Kaneki confronted him he had said that he was only there because he was  interested in yamori/jason. When aogiri Tree falls and Jason dies, Nico’s interests shift towards Kaneki whom he says has “become more of a man than yamori”.



Nico’s motto is to “live for beautiful people or live beautifully”. In a way it reflects the motives of the pierrot because at they really don’t have a clear one. From what we can tell they sold out the anteiku to the CCG simply because it amused them. Though they all ‘liked’ kaneki, they were searching for ‘tragedy’ and a much more ‘depressing scene’ 


They don’t really have a moral good or bad, they simply do what’s interesting; searching for chaos. In some ways the resemble batman’s joker. Therefore you can argue that they are actually the most evil characters in the series— not the CCG nor the Aogiri tree. 


In a sense the pierrot was the mastermind behind this entire tragedy. They were here the whole time but Ishida sensei had us focused on the aogiri tree and the CCG as the antagonists so we all overlooked the true villains. The Clown goul gang was responsible for Kaneki being turned into a half ghoul. Responsible for rize becoming experimental meat, for the clash between the CCG and anteiku and probably much more. They had their members in the Anteiku, the Aogiri tree, and standing by watching it all fall together. They sat back and enjoyed the play they directed, with the characters that they placed; all without any of the participants knowing that they were being controlled.

The Aogiri tree is fighting for ghoul power in Japan.

Anteiku is fighting to protect their friends.

CCG is fighting to exterminate ghouls and protect people.

The pierrot? They are fighting for fun.

Even tumblr knows what I’m really feeling right now. 

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